Art as passion   

kuenstler2_2Born in 1963 in Paris, Patricia Petapermal originally studied business. As financial expert she made a successful career as Stock-Exchange-Broker until in 1993 a terrible accident in London totally changed her life and after a long recovery she decided it was time for a completely new beginning.

She discovered her own creativity as an artist and studied art in Strasbourg.Since then Art is her passion.

As daughter of a French mother and an Indian father, she grew up within two cultures. Impetus for her creative ideas was the possibility to move intellectually and artistically between these two cultures and to express herself in the European as well as in the Indian tradition.


Her deep knowledge of the artistique techniques, such as painting in oil and acrylic, reliefs, collages and drawings led her to a clear, yet varied style in which she shows her own philosophical views.


“This live hungry artist pushes to leave behind everything that is superficial and hypocritical, in order to plunge into the essence. The gift of life is too precious and too short to let it pass between odd conventions and formalities. Patricia‘s life is painting. And painting means: to win vision, insight, transparency!”.

Kiriko Nishiyama/Agence France Press


2016_Malerei_Biennale HH

Biennale Hamburg 2016

Takes part in IBHM – 6 internationale Biennale Hamburg – Malerei Galerie Kunststätte am Michel 01. September to 31. Oktober 2016

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Biennale Munich GAACH

GAACH – the peoples opera Münchener Biennale – Festival für neues Musiktheater   Patricia Petapermal takes part in in the “Munich Biennale – Festival for a new Musictheatre”.  For the first time different artists will join forces to create a popular opera, which will have its first performance June 5th, 2016. Details:

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